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A family owned and operated buisiness, East Coast Drywall, LLC has been handling drywall projects since 1981. We have experience working on projects in every kind of building from a single family home to a commercial building as large as a luxury hotel.

East Coast Drywall, LLC welcomes repair work and new construction jobs. We are the company to call for everything from removing cracks in walls to putting up walls in new additions. We will perform work in single family homes, mutli-tamily units, attics, basements, bathrooms, garages, offices and more.

Our team is skilled at framing, taping, sheetrock installation, soundproofing, fire rating, and painting. We can give you the finished basement you always wanted. We can help you with special projects such as acoustical ceilings and theatre rooms, too. 

Just give East Coast Drywall, LLC a call at 203-421-4517 or click here to send us a message.
Simple and curvaceous patterns throughout homes and commercial buildings such as hotels.
On the left: Get our professional help when you want to maintain the original architectural design of your home or business property.
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